Andria Tupola will help raise our quality of life

By Evan Gates and Kana‘i Kapele

According to the U.S Census Bureau, as of 2017, 13,537 people have left Hawaii for the mainland because of the dramatic changes to their living conditions. Our island home is slowly becoming a distant, unattainable dream. Each year that we wait, each time we settle for incompetency, we are losing precious hope in the future. State Rep. Andria Tupola is determined to make vital changes to the living conditions of the local people in Hawaii by focusing on housing, education and employment.

Homelessness is pervasive in Hawaii. We consistently have the top homelessness rate in the nation. The Ige administration has attempted a central, top-down strategy that has failed to address the needs of the homeless community. Tupola understands that homelessness is a different issue in every community — the needs of the homeless in Waianae are vastly different than the needs of those on Maui. By bringing in regional experts who know their areas better than any governor ever could, Tupola would address the specific needs of each community.

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