Donate - Virtuoso

Your Commitment
- $1,500 annual contribution on Feb 1st for 4 years
Our Commitment
- Two complimentary tickets to all fundraisers
- Regular reports from campaign

It was such a great experience to run for Governor and I was happy that we got close to 35% of the vote on my first run and raised over $500,000. I've really built out my team and my supporters across the state and the night of the election really felt like Day 1.

After evaluating and debriefing with my family and my team, I have decided to run for Governor in 2022..and start now! The most important time to prepare is now. So, we created a donor program for my 2022 Governor's campaign that can fit the budget of all my supporters.

Our fundraising efforts will directly affect our success in 2022 and we want to run a WINNING campaign to help create a Hawaii where more local families can live here for generations to come!