• Hawaii has the highest per-capita homelessness rate of any state (excluding DC), and decreases have been incremental at best.
  • The resources for homeless services exist, but the current highly centralized philosophy has proven itself too daunting to create a substantial decrease in homeless numbers.
  • We need a philosophical shift focused on decentralization, concrete solutions, and measurable outcomes.
  • Hawaii’s current approach to homelessness is directionless. It has uncertain results. Practically all of the stakeholders that wish to help are already involved. However, they need stronger leadership and a cohesive vision. This plan lays the ground work for a needed vision.

Each community has unique geographical and socioeconomic situations, so we can’t use a “one size fits all” solution.

  • Collaborative work with regional teams
    • Nonprofits, county and state officials, law enforcement, community organizations, and the homeless themselves will work together to address local issues.
  • Needs assessment
    • The current point in time count is not accurate and inconvenient for those participating. Create a system that works for our communities and measures the root causes.
  • Listen and adjust
    • There are many non-profits that do outreach work and have hit roadblocks with agencies or policies. We should adjust more frequently using the input from people on the ground
  • Education
    • Encourage financial literacy. Give incentives for those who add in an educational component to food outreach. We should do less handing out of good and more handing out of knowledge that will eventually increase an individual's ability to obtain goods.
  • Progress and Feedback
    • Progress and feedback shouldn’t just be for agencies and non-profits. There should be a more interactive way that homeless or house less individuals are able to see and measure their own progress
  • Andria has organized community outreach efforts that join food distribution with financial literacy classes
  • Andria has served in encampments and connected them with on going nonprofit partnerships
  • Andria has worked with HPD to shut down dangerous encampments that are drug ridden and harboring underage runaways.
  • Andria has worked with organized in encampments to establish their own nonprofit, buy land, and relocate.
  • Andria led the point in time efforts from 2015-2018 and organized hundreds of community members to join in