• Community members and local developers face many complications surrounding permits. According to a Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) survey, only 13% of respondents described themselves as “Satisfied” with DPP’s building permit process.
  • The main complaint from the survey was the amount of time it takes to get a permit reviewed. Besides that were the complications involved in the permitting process and the lack of staff members and capacity. Here are some quotes from customers in the survey:
    • “Permits, even simple ones, now take 6-8 months or more.”
    • “I should not have to provide a document to a reviewer when it is on file in a department in the same building.”
    • Overloaded staff seems to be the primary issue.”
  • The amount of illegal Airbnb vacation rentals continues to increase.
  • Many building resources available in Hawaii are being shipped in from off-island.
  • Permit approval needs enforceable turnaround times.
  • Increase DPP funding
  • increase online services or hire more staff
  • simplify regulations
  • Zoning laws at the county and city level already exist that restrict certain vacation rentals, but they are not being enforced.
  • As for incentives, we need to look inward by utilizing local developers and materials
  • Andria has worked with local businesses to expedite permitting times to allow laborers back on the line
  • Andria has worked with local residents to push through unnecessary red tape holding them back from minor household improvements
  • Andria votes against allowing illegal vacation rentals to collect taxes which would have legitimized their operations and taken away from local housing inventory
  • Andria assisted in the self help housing efforts in Maili and continues to advocate for affordable housing efforts