Empowering The People.

Andria Tupola served in the Hawaii House of Representatives representing District 43 (Māʻili, Nānākuli, Ko Olina, Honokai Hale, Kalaeloa, Ewa). Andria was first elected into the House of Representatives in 2014 on her very first run for office. She rallied the support of community members by knocking doors, holding meetings, speaking at schools, and organizing events. She was elected in 2014 by 56% of the vote - unseating the only incumbent in the general election.

Andria was re-elected in 2016, this time increasing her margin of victory to 65% of the vote. Following re-election, Andria made history by becoming the first Samoan woman to serve as the House Minority Leader. In 2018, Andria ran for Governor of the State of Hawaii and garnered 35% of the vote as a first time candidate. She was the youngest Republican candidate for Governor in the United States and the first Native Hawaiian woman to run in the State of Hawaii.

In 2016, the District 1 Honolulu City Council Member won with 7,649 votes. In just the Honolulu City Council District 1 area, Andria beat her 2018 opponent by 8% points and had 11,660 supporters. Andria has a high level of name recognition on the westside of O’ahu and looks forward to activating her supporters in the 2020 election!


During her tenure as an elected official, Andria demonstrated that she is a very different - very grassroots - public servant who encourages community members to: voice their concerns, keep government accountable, and empower themselves through service. A true community is not just about being geographically close, it’s about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Through collaborative efforts Andria has succeeded in identifying and responding to many of the pressing needs of the community. Over the past 6 years, Andria has:

  • led 22 quarterly community cleanups,
  • helped haul abandoned cars and cleared illegal dumping,
  • worked with the Honolulu Police Department during emergencies,
  • sponsored annual emergency preparedness fairs,
  • organized statewide sex trafficking awareness conferences,
  • connected local businesses through entrepreneur conferences,
  • gave away hundreds of prom dresses and addressed domestic violence
  • painted locker-rooms, school buildings, and a local grocery store
  • organized free community ukulele festivals,
  • mediated between residents and landlords,
  • helped find supplies and serve in homeless encampments,
  • hosted 41 town halls on important issues


Serving as a Representative gave Andria an intimate view of the true struggles facing the State of Hawaiʻi. She recognized that the compounding systemic problems in Hawaiʻi have led to: (1) a high cost of living, (2) a homeless epidemic, and (3) rising crime. The island of Oahu is home to 63% of the state population and faces some of the most intense effects of these problems.


Hawaii needs a different type of leader to fix what’s broken and make Hawaii everything it can be. Andria comes with a different background and experience that resonates with everyday residents of Hawaii. She put her music career on hold to serve the community - and spent the past six years as an elected official and an active community member with no title giving her heart and energy to the people. She is a bold and inspiring leader who does not hide behind excuses. This is the type of leadership Andria has been providing for her community.


As Andria prepares to run for the Honolulu City Council, she is firm in her commitment to serve the people. Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Rather than focusing her energy on the insiders and political elites who have controlled Hawaiʻi’s government for too long; Andria is talking to working families, laborers, truck drivers, masons, construction workers and small business owners who have kept Hawaii going despite the current government’s ineffective decision-making. Andria has a heartfelt commitment to the people and is known for her ability to work with people to solve problems that have remained unresolved for years.


Andria Tupola formerly taught music at Leeward Community College. She has earned 2 degrees in music education (an M.A. from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and a B.M. from Brigham Young University) and is currently completing a PhD (also in Music). Andria is an honors graduate of Kamehameha Schools, Kapalama, and is an avid fan of both sports and the performing arts. She enjoys spending time with family - especially her husband, Tavo, and their 2 daughters aged 11 & 12 respectively.